The Secret Language of Infertility

What To Read, A Guide By Canadian Fertility Consultants

Life is Good!

Myths & Misconceptions | Egg Donation, what is it all about?

Choosing an Egg Donor

Honouring | by Angie Campeau

The Magic Moment | Surrogate Support Manager Angie Campeau

Happy Bump Day!

I am Sacred by Angie Campeau | Sacred Surrogacy Retreat Victoria, BC

Sacred Intended Parents Retreat | Nici Shipway of Sacred Surrogacy

The Ties that Bind | Nici Shipway of Sacred Surrogacy

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What is PGD and why do Intended Parents opt for this testing?

How to: Creating a Vision Board

Getting Ready to be a Mom or Dad? Here is a Helpful Checklist.

Canadian Fertility Consulting | Who we are! Video

Do you qualify to be a Surrogate?

The Day My Best Friends Daughter Was Born: A Surrogacy Birth Story

Top 5 Wellness Tips

A Surrogacy Birth Story: Evangeline

A Surrogacy Birth Story: Chantelle

A Surrogacy Birth Story: Melissa

Gestational Surrogacy Canada | Weekly Question

Surrogacy: After the Baby

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You Asked, We Answered: Bringing Birth Without Fear To Canada

New! Sacred Surrogacy Now in Toronto

Why Do Surrogates Have to Have Kids First?

Surrogates Make Family Dreams Come True!

Keeping Surrogacy Sacred

A Surrogacy Birth

A Sacred Surrogacy starts with your Sacred Relationship

Guest Blogger Michelle posts about her Surrogacy experience

Surrogacy Guest Blogger Erica

Sacred Surrogacy- An introduction

Surrogacy isn't always easy, but it's worth it!

CFC attends Men Having Babies conference in Brussels

Why Sacred Matters- A journey to Sacred Prengancy

A Donor's Mother  

Featured Surrogate: Meet Emily!

A Donor’s Daughter!

This week I am going to answer questions that we have received through Twitter, Facebook, and through our site.

Why Screening Matters:

Our New Office !

Honoring Karli

CFC News Letter

When Surrogacy Hits a Bump!