As mothers, surrogates typically take care of everyone else first. Making sure everyone is fed, happy and not in need of anything. So when we tell them to take a few days to just let us care for them. It can be hard to fathom, and hard to just release and enjoy.

Sacred Surrogacy | Honouring

As I tidied up from meals or cleaned up our activities, every surrogate is quick to offer a hand, and I always gratefully decline. Not because I don't want their help, but because I want them to have a weekend where they are honoured for all they are doing. A moment in time where they don't have to do anything but enjoy themselves.

Sacred Surrogacy | Honouring

At every retreat we spend a few hours making sure that each women feels special and thanked for all they do. Honouring is such a special time. We only get five to ten minutes for one-on-one with each woman to honour them. But that moment, it's amazing. We start with a fancy drink and sweet treat. Then have them soak their feet in rose petal filled water. Then I adorn them with a flower crown, laughing, talking and listening as they soak in this moment of time. Music plays softly in the background as we scrub their feet and just love them for all they are doing.

We encourage them to take in all the senses they are experiencing and to just enjoy themselves. Without a doubt, this moment is special. I walk away from this moment feeling honoured.

Sacred Surrogacy | Honouring

It also reminds me to stop putting others first. To fill my cup first, to take moments daily to honour myself on my path in life. My desire is that the women we work with will walk away feeling empowered to also enjoy self care daily!

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