This morning was a morning like any other, I woke up, got the babies up, as my 13 year old was making her Breakfast, when I was stopped in my tracks. It was an Ah ha moment for sure. I have always been so proud to be a Mom, and Loved my girls endlessly, but in this moment I realized, WOW, there are other people in this world, that are feeling this very thing, and that I helped them w that feeling by being their egg donor. I cant even imagine my life before being a donor, or being a Surrogate, or the profound experience I get to have by running CFC and EggHelpers, but in this moment I m just in awe. I wonder what those parents are doing today, with their kids. I wonder if their kids are amazing like mine, all while driving them crazy at the same time??? A few of my donations were known, and a few were anonymous, but even the known ones, How would I ask that question??? How would I call them up, and say Hey, are your kids amazing?? Ya, mine are pretty epic too!!! It's a feeling Im going to have to explore. One I hadn't felt yet. In any event, Feeling blessed today!